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Refurbishing and Recycling

We specialise in recycling, repair and certified data destruction on:

· Servers and Storage arrays

· PC's and Monitors (excluding CRT monitors)

· Laptops and Tablets

· Phone systems, Mobile phones and Smartphones

· Printers and photo copiers

· Switches, Firewalls, Routers

· Patch Panel and Server Cabinets

All assets collected will go through certified data destruction process using UK Government NCSC and CC EAL3+ standards. Those hard drives which are damaged or cannot be erased will go through mechanical destruction and disposal.


Certificate of data destruction will be issue to the customer and all IT equipment will be repaired / refurbished / re-used or re-marketed.

Book Collection

Thanks, we will be in touch soon!

Data Wiping

To meet your GDPR and industry standards we provide Certified Data Destruction Certificate.

Data Destruction

Please note, we do not collect or process any items which are strictly for disposal or raw material recovery.


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